The Information About Our Company


甘納空間設計成立於2010年,以空間改造有無限可能為宗旨,為空間創造出未來be going to 的美好願景。「甘」為愉悅甜美,「納」則取其容納之意, 代表著甘納以謙卑態度面對空間與人之間的關係, 進而設計出舒適美觀與實用兼具的空間。

Founded in 2010, Ganna Studio leads the house to a new stage, like a milestone which is going to make a difference. In Chinese, Gan-甘means sweety or pleasant. Na- “納” means an humble attitude toward accommodation. Combine these two words, Ganna tries to make a balance between space and people, and create a comfortable place merged with aesthetic and practical function.



Centered on “Life”,Ganna chiefly concerns about the traffic line and the practical function of the space. In addition, materials, colors, furniture are able to be merged into the design, but jump up from the simple lines of the structure simultaneously. Without constraint of any specific style, Ganna tries to create a unique design for every house